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[EnergyPlus_Support] Environment variables: Flow from FromZone to ToZone

Two issues:

1. I can't find an explanation in the manual of the Environment 
variable key value. I assume that it means the air outside of and 
surrounding the building. For the variables that are in our weather 
file, I would assume that it would just echo the weather file data.(I 
am asking for an hourly average of the variable and am using two 
simulation periods per hour.) That is not happening. 

We modified a weather file so wind direction and speed would be 
stable for several hours to get a more steady state value for our 
COMIS air flows. The temperature, radiation and other variables were 
left the same as they are in the TMY2 file. But the Environmenta 
variable is not reporting the same number, nor is it stable.

Details: for example, our weather file for 11 am to 1 pm is:
time   dry b   dir   speed
1100   23.9   290   3.6
1200   25.0   290   3.6
1300   26.1   290   3.6

Our report gives the following:
1100   23.75  352.5 4.225
1200   24.725 357.5 4.925
1300   25.825 352.5 5.575

Just what is this Environment variable? Can I echo the weather file 
to be sure it is being read correctly?

2. For the reporting pair:
"Air Flow from FromZone to ToZone through COMIS link" and
"Air Flow from ToZone to FromZone through COMIS link"

which is the FromZone and which is the ToZone? Sometimes I have a 
number for the hourly average that is about the same for both for a 
given COMIS "Name of Associated EnergyPlus Surface" and sometimes it 
is zero for one and real for the other.

How do I interpret this?

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