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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Water heating - swimming pool

Simulating a swimming pool is not simple and likely incorporates significant uncertainty.   The EMS is flexible enough to make some simulation if you are adept at programming.  You will need to program the following:

Water Evaporation Equation ? There are several to choose from (see ASHRAE Applications for one of them). They typically have several inputs including pool activity.  Of course the pool evaporation is also going to interact with the room conditions and ventilation.  The water evaporation will be a primary heat loss.

Radiant Heating ? Consider that the flat body of hot water is also a low temperature radiant heat source that exchanges energy with the room, mostly the ceiling/roof.  You can simulate a radiant heat source operating at water temperature and collect that energy as water heat loss.

Ground/Container Heat Loss ? Pool water will lose heat through the walls of the pool.  If this is an in ground pool, the losses will be hard to estimate.  You may be able to make SLAB estimate something for you, but I once had a pool set in the water table with a ground water flow that pulled more heat out of the water. An above grade pool will have heat loss to the adjacent zones.

Ned Lyon, P.E. (MA)
Staff Consultant


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