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RE: 回复: [EnergyPlus_ Support] PsyPsatFnTemp+PsyTsat FnHPb

Thanks, Richard.
The system node temperature values were displayed in Loong's csv.  I did not know the significance of those high temperature values, as the chiller temperature values were normal.
I increased the tower capacity by 100 times, (the values highlighted below) and the temperature values are now reduced from 1548°C to around 45°C.  This may not be the correct way.
There are still (18) warnings on his IDF error file.

 Dr. Li  
P.S.  The change is highlighted below:

tower1, !- Name

tower1 CndW Inlet, !- Water Inlet Node Name

tower1 CndW Outlet, !- Water Outlet Node Name

, !- Design Water Flow Rate {m3/s}

autosize, !- Air Flow Rate at High Fan Speed {m3/s}

autosize, !- Fan Power at High Fan Speed {W}

, !- U-Factor Times Area Value at High Fan Speed {W/K}

autosize, !- Air Flow Rate at Low Fan Speed {m3/s}

autosize, !- Fan Power at Low Fan Speed {W}

, !- U-Factor Times Area Value at Low Fan Speed {W/K}

autosize, !- Air Flow Rate in Free Convection Regime {m3/s}

, !- U-Factor Times Area Value at Free Convection Air Flow Rate {W/K}

NominalCapacity, !- Performance Input Method
2000000, !- High Speed Nominal Capacity {W}

1000000, !- Low Speed Nominal Capacity {W}

200000, !- Free Convection Capacity {W}

, !- Basin Heater Capacity {W/K}

, !- Basin Heater Setpoint Temperature {C}

, !- Basin Heater Operating Schedule Name

, !- Evaporation Loss Mode

0.2, !- Evaporation Loss Factor {percent/K}

0.008, !- Drift Loss Percent {percent}

, !- Blowdown Calculation Mode

3, !- Blowdown Concentration Ratio

, !- Blowdown Makeup Water Usage Schedule Name

, !- Supply Water Storage Tank Name

tower1 Cooling Tower Outdoor Air Inlet Node, !- Outdoor Air Inlet Node Name

, !- Number of Cells

, !- Cell Control

, !- Cell Minimum Water Flow Rate Fraction

, !- Cell Maximum Water Flow Rate Fraction
1; !- Sizing Factor


To: EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: RRaustad@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 13:32:44 -0400
Subject: Re: å??å¤?ï¼? [EnergyPlus_Support] PsyPsatFnTemp+PsyTsatFnHPb

The psyc routines do have limits on inputs. The PsyPsatFnTemp routine returns saturation pressure (Psat) as a function of temperature (Temp). This routine is usually used to calculate RH or wet-bulb temperature. But this is really beside the point. The air temperature input to this routine is 1898.61 C. This is way out of bounds. I would report the air node temperatures in your simulation and see if you can find a node with this high of a temperature which may then help you determine what is happening in your simulation.

Output:Variable,*,System Node Temp,Hourly;

On 7/6/2011 1:13 PM, YuanLu Li wrote:

æ?³ä¸?å?°ä½ æ­£ç??æ?¯é¾?ç??ã??é»?森ç??ç??解æ?¯å¯¹ç??ã??

He mentioned the EPlus developer's guide.  I wonder he has the Eplus source code to compare.
The names mentioned in the error message are the module internal variable name.  I do not know the detail of the calculation.
I know that when the RH value is larger than 100%, the calculated temperature can go out of range.
Therefore, you can try increasing the cooling coil temperature, or reducing the wet-bulb temperature of OA to see whether the warning would disappear.  These warnings did not stop the simmulation, and the results are still good.
You have 5 or 6 AHU's, timestep = 20, many zones.  That is why you get more than 279556 warnings of the same type.
You have other problems in your IDF which prevent the temperature in the zones to be proerly controlled.  Because I have not figured out how you named the zones, it will take some time to get an over all view of your design.
You seems to have two buildings (CD and OFF), one three storeys and one five stories.  You have cooling chiller, but no heating plant equipment.   AHU provideds the cooling to a low temperature and then heated b the reheat heater in the zone.  The reheat heater is also used for Winter heating.
The reheat coil can be used for humidity control with cooling in Summer and heating in Winter.  I have not checked your schedules, etc. 
The VAV damper setting, if reversed, would also caused the zone temperature control to fail.
You should look at the other warning vessages to fix the problems.
 Dr. Li  


To: EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: aloongge@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 13:00:16 +0800
Subject: Re: å??å¤?ï¼? [EnergyPlus_Support] PsyPsatFnTemp+PsyTsatFnHPb

æ?©  谢谢

--- On Wed, 7/6/11, 森 � <jawhasway@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: 森 � <jawhasway@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: å??å¤?ï¼? [EnergyPlus_Support] PsyPsatFnTemp+PsyTsatFnHPb
To: EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2011, 12:14 PM

    æ??æ?¥ç??äº?e+ç??EnergyPlus Module Developer's Guideï¼?æ??ç??解è¿?å? ä¸ªé??误ç??å??å? æ?¯æ ¹æ?®æ¨¡å??计ç®?å¾?ç??å??é£?温度è¿?é«?ï¼?导è?´æ¹¿ç©ºæ°?计ç®?å?ºç?°é?®é¢?ï¼?å? æ­¤é?®é¢?ç??æ ¹æº?è¿?å?¨äº?æ?¿é?´ç??ç?­å¹³è¡¡è®¡ç®?æ??é?®é¢?ã??
   æ??å??ç??ç??ï¼?æ??ç»?æ??ä¼?å??ä½ è??ç³»

--- 11å¹´7æ??2æ?¥ï¼?å?¨å?­, 传说 é?¿é¾?å?¥ <aloongge@xxxxxxxx> å??é??ï¼?

å??件人: 传说 é?¿é¾?å?¥ <aloongge@xxxxxxxx>
主�: [EnergyPlus_Support] PsyPsatFnTemp+PsyTsatFnHPb
�件人: energyplus_support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
æ?¥æ??: 2011å¹´7æ??2æ?¥,å?¨å?­,ä¸?å??4:42

Hello, I have some questions to ask for your help. I model a VAV with PFP Boxes system with a screw chiller provides chilled water. There are some warnings after I run the model, which are list below: 
1) ** Warning ** Temperature out of range [-100. to 200.] (PsyPsatFnTemp)
   **   ~~~   **  Routine=PsyWFnTdbRhPb, Environment=SUMMER DESIGN DAY, at Simulation time=07/15 00:00 - 00:03
   **   ~~~   **  Input Temperature=1898.61
 2) ** Warning ** Enthalpy out of range (PsyTsatFnHPb)
   **   ~~~   **  Routine=Unknown, Environment=WINTER DESIGN DAY, at Simulation time=01/21 00:00 - 00:03
   **   ~~~   **  Enthalpy=327804470.59739 Pressure= 101241.00
   **   ~~~   **  Initial Resultant Temperature= 99.01
Can you tell me why these warnings occured, or how can I modify my model to avoid these warnings? Thank you!
Best wishes!

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