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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] typical office buildings simulation software

A good paper on the subject from the developer of the eco-roof model for e+  http://www.epa.gov/hiri/resources/pdf/10June2010-DavidSailor.pdf 
Eco-roofs can most defiantly be a good insulator for cooling by reducing heat flux- Reduction of Urban heat island effect also can be beneficial for the area around a building.
When specifying an Ecoroof here in Portland Oregon where there is a $10 per square foot grant- I contacted manufactures to get the info needed- (but consulting a botanist who understands eco-roofs could also work I suppose) you will have to convert this to Design Builder/Energy Plus format- but it is doable- 

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On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 1:57 PM, YuanLu Li <yli006@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


All the above are in the exampleFiles folder.  The link posted in another mail will provide you with the same sets of buildings for different location of the US climate zones.  The material section may have been updated to a later date to match the new guidelines.

If you can describe and quantify the properties of the surface of the material, you can do a meaningful annual simulation.
If you look at the eco roof object, you will see many fields related to watering of the soil, length of the grass, etc.  These nynbers are never constant.  Eco roof by itself is not a good material as the roof insulatin of a building  Because it stores heat, it makes the building warm at night and therefore not that cool at noon.
How do you define the green vegetation on a vertical wall?  The leaves shades, the stems reduces convection, the roots in the wall is an undown depth and moisture content.  The propertie is changed after a rain or waterring process.  You need to consult a botanist or gardener and watch how these surfaces change.
It is a good research project using the real plants, but is not for simulation, because the properties are not known.
You can model shrubs, treets as  shades in EPlus.  It is not really meaningful for annual simulation, as the appearance (effective shading area) of a tree changes with seasons.
I think, the green surface will change the outter surface property of a wall.  It is not effective as an insulation, especially in Winter. Therefore, it will affect the solar radiatin and wind related calculations..
I am making general comments only  Vegetation on a contrete surface preserve the moisture and thus make it less likely to crack in tropical countries.  Creepers are allowed to grow on a frame rather than on the building surfce directly for many reasons.
 Dr. Li  


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Subject: [EnergyPlus_Support] typical office buildings simulation software


Hello Everybody,


I  want to make an energy simulation for the typical official building types. By using green vegetation system on different side of building façade, I want to achieve the most energy (cooling and heating ) saving option for the specific building.


I try to use E+ to do the work, because I know that the E+ has the option of using green roof as insulation. However, the E+ has so many parameters and really complicated. I just need the standard options for most of them, and focus on a few parameters (like different façade types with different heights and ages). So, could you please tell me how to do it with E+, or any other building energy simulation program that are suitable for my case? I really appreciate it.


Best Regards



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