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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] VRF air conditioning system performance curve

Very nice!  Thanks for sharing it.


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There is a report that demonstrates on how to create performance curves for VRF at Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) at the link below.



Creating Performance Curves for Variable Refrigerant Flow Heat Pumps in EnergyPlus


This report guides how to create the various performance curves required.



Bereket Nigusse

Florida Solar Energy Center


Bereket A N

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Subject: [EnergyPlus_Support] VRF air conditioning system performance curve
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I have a question about performance curve.
I have constructed the VRF air conditioning system using VRF example file(version 7.0)
Cooling(Heating) Capacity Ratio modifier Function of Temperature Curve, Cooling(Heating) Capacity Modifier Curve Function of Flow Fraction, Cooling(Heating) Capacity Ratio Modifier Function of Low(High) Temperature Curve, Cooling(Heating) Capacity Ratio Boundary Curve, and etc. shoud be entered in IDF file.
But, I don't know exactly how the coefficient constant, coefficient x, coefficient x**2, coefficient y, coefficient y**2, coefficient x*y values in Peformance Curves are decided.
I have refered to the "EngineeringReferences".
For example, the equation in connection with DX cooling coil capacity coefficents are decided using a regression analysis. At this point, a regression analysis uses the entering wet-bulb temperature, outdoor dry-bulb Temperature and total cooling capacity. I am wondering how i know these values and selection criteria. And does a regression analysis conduct using E+?
Please give me tips.
Thank you.


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