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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Solar Penetration Depth Using EMS

This is pretty easy with an EMS sensor (CosineIncident) on the output variable called “Surface Ext Solar Beam Cosine Of Incidence Angle”  that is available for each window.   Then some simple trig with the height of the window like this.


  Set IncidentAngleRadians = @ArcCos CosineIncident,

  Set SinIncident   =  @Sin IncidentAngleRadians,

  Set TanIncident   =  SinIncident / CosineIncident,

  Set PenetrationDepth = TanIncident * WindowCenterHeight,


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I am working on a control algorithm designed to engage window blinds when a certain solar penetration depth is met using the Energy Management System in EnergyPlus.

I am curious if anyone has had success with calculating this variable before? I believe it will require the solar altitude angle and the solar azimuth angle. Depending on where the sun is at throughout the day the penetration depth will change also depending on the window orientation (changing from facade to facade).

An example of the issues I am running into is with say a 10'x10' building with 5'x5' windows centered on each facade. When the solar azimuth is at 89degrees, the east facade will see a very deep penetration, whereas the north facade will see a very minimal penetration depth. I am looking for a way to calculate the depth which also allows me to discern between the two different penetrations (depending on building orientat


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