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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Running simulations with previous run sizing data

Hello Pankaj,
To keep the same sizing data for different runs, you have to set all the fields with the key-world â??autosizeâ?? to the value calculated in your first run.

    VAV with Reheat,         !- Name
    Office HVAC,             !- System Availability Schedule Name
    autosize,                !- Supply Fan Maximum Flow Rate {m3/s}
    autosize,                !- Supply Fan Minimum Flow Rate {m3/s}
    0.7,                     !- Supply Fan Total Efficiency
    1000,                    !- Supply Fan Delta Pressure {Pa}
    0.9,                     !- Supply Fan Motor Efficiency
    1,                       !- Supply Fan Motor in Air Stream Fraction
    ChilledWater,            !- Cooling Coil Type
    ,                        !- Cooling Coil Availability Schedule Name
    ,                        !- Cooling Coil Setpoint Schedule Name
    13,                      !- Cooling Coil Design Setpoint {C}
    None,                    !- Heating Coil Type
    ,                        !- Heating Coil Availability Schedule Name
    ,                        !- Heating Coil Setpoint Schedule Name
    10.0,                    !- Heating Coil Design Setpoint {C}
    0.8,                     !- Gas Heating Coil Efficiency
    ,                        !- Gas Heating Coil Parasitic Electric Load {W}
    None,                    !- Preheat Coil Type
    ,                        !- Preheat Coil Availability Schedule Name
    ,                        !- Preheat Coil Setpoint Schedule Name
    7.2,                     !- Preheat Coil Design Setpoint {C}
    0.8,                     !- Gas Preheat Coil Efficiency
    ,                        !- Gas Preheat Coil Parasitic Electric Load {W}
    autosize,                !- Maximum Outdoor Air Flow Rate {m3/s}
    autosize,                !- Minimum Outdoor Air Flow Rate {m3/s}
    ProportionalMinimum,     !- Minimum Outdoor Air Control Type
    Office Minimum OA,       !- Minimum Outdoor Air Schedule Name
    FixedDryBulb,            !- Economizer Type
    NoLockout,               !- Economizer Lockout
    ,                        !- Economizer Upper Temperature Limit {C}
    ,                        !- Economizer Lower Temperature Limit {C}
    ,                        !- Economizer Upper Enthalpy Limit {J/kg}
    ,                        !- Economizer Maximum Limit Dewpoint Temperature {C}
    ,                        !- Supply Plenum Name
    PLENUM,                  !- Return Plenum Name
    DrawThrough,             !- Supply Fan Placement
    InletVaneDampers,        !- Supply Fan Part-Load Power Coefficients
    StayOff,                 !- Night Cycle Control
    ,                        !- Night Cycle Control Zone Name
    None,                    !- Heat Recovery Type
    0.7,                     !- Sensible Heat Recovery Effectiveness
    0.65,                    !- Latent Heat Recovery Effectiveness
    None,                    !- Cooling Coil Setpoint Reset Type
    None,                    !- Heating Coil Setpoint Reset Type
    ,                        !- Dehumidification Control Type
    ,                        !- Dehumidification Control Zone Name
    ,                        !- Dehumidification Setpoint {percent}
    ,                        !- Humidifier Type
    ,                        !- Humidifier Availability Schedule Name
    ,                        !- Humidifier Rated Capacity {m3/s}
    ,                        !- Humidifier Rated Electric Power {W}
    ,                        !- Humidifier Control Zone Name
    ,                        !- Humidifier Setpoint {percent}
    NonCoincident;           !- Sizing Option


--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Pankaj Chawla <pankaj013@...> wrote:
> Hi
> Am pretty new to EPlus so not sure if the answer is straight forward but couldn't find it in the documentation so here it is:
> I ran a simulation of a sample building (Tutorial 2B as per Getting Started Document) with no weather data in sizing mode.
> The simulation returns some plant and air flow sizing data back. What I want to do next is force my subsequent simulations
> to use the sizing data from simulation 1 and rerun simulations with different weather files to see what the response of the
> same system would be if installed in different climate zones. Is there a way to configure EPlus to use equipment sizing
> data arrived for a particular simulation run to be used for all subsequent runs?
> ---
> Take care,
> Pankaj


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