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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Weather converter issues

Thanks Linda….but when I factor W/m2 by .166667 to get Wh/m2 as input, calculation of direct normal still blows up….sometimes by a lot…


Ned Lyon, P.E. (MA, WV)
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Sorry -- sent too soon.

No key -- you use conversion units.  (as designed -- no automatic try at conversion)

Field: DataUnits

There should be as many DataUnits entries as DataElement entries. These are not generally used but may be used in the future for automatic conversions. The exception to this is “temperature” fields. Use “f” for Fahrenheit, “k” for Kelvin temperatures. Note that the DataConversionFactor for this field will be applied prior to conversion. (Many formats use integer numbers to represent values that are in tenths, for example.)

Field: DataConversionFactors

There should be as many DataConversionFactors entries as DataElement entries. These factors are multiplicative factors (i.e. the input value is multiplied by this factor) and can be used to process input data into the values used in the EPW weather files.

You need to supply the conversion factors.  Only built in ones are described above - F or K.

At 02:35 PM 3/28/2013, Edward G. Lyon wrote:

I am trying to use the weather converter to format my site weather station data.  I find the help file lacking a concise list of conversion DataUnits.
Is there a key for barometric pressure in.Hg, wind speed miles per hour, wind direction compass points (N, NE, SSW), time in a 2:10 p format?
If not I can preprocess my file…
More importantly, it seems to choke on my 10 minute data file.  I set NumInHour=6, but I get following errors:
First read Hour number=0; Expected =1
First read Hour number will be used as hour=1 and reported if not same for each day read in
Warning ** Suspected missing data line after processing 1 days
Month=6 Day=9 Hour=1
Processing continues but may be in error
Warning ** DirectNormalRadiation    378.8 > max theoretical=   177.1 Wh/m² on date= 6/ 9 at hour= 5
These continue through the whole file processing, I only have global horizontal solar data for input reported as W/m², and this directnormal error seems to start at an hour crossing in the file after reading some sub hour data…Do I have to factor the input data for the shorter time step?
Ned Lyon, P.E. (MA, WV)
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