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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Aquifer, thermal storage / heat exchange

I just did ATES, using 7.2, for my Masters Dissertation.  In 7.2 I had to simulate the condenser loops using District heating and district cooling, put setpoint managers at the outlet of the condenser loop and at the heating/cooling coils on the WAHP then run through twice, once at high temp (25 deg C) and then at low (9-12 degC).  Once complete the two output average flow rates and temps can be combined.   I then passed the flow rates and temps to a groundwater model outside E+ - most papers I've seen stop at the load and pass that to TRNSYS - too early when you consider the plant response is very important.
IMHO the key for ATES is not to control the temperature of the source, that is setting an artificial parameter.  Control of the WAHP outlet is key to obtain WAHP details that are within the limits you want to achieve.
I've finished and submitted but am continuing refining my model, sounds like I was a year too early and did it the hard way!   PlantComponent:TemperatureSource  may be worth investigating although its a shame district heating and cooling can't be incorporated into a mixed water loop (DH can but DC can't) - unless 8.0 has allowed that also?
Hope that helps?

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Version 8.0 has added a couple new features that should help for this.
PlantComponent:TemperatureSource provides an open, once thru, generic source for plant fluid where the temperature can be scheduled. See example file PlantComponentTemperatureSource.idf
HeatExchanger:FluidToFluid  can handle either hot or cold water loops with a variety of control options, see example files PlantLoopChain*.idf
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Subject: [EnergyPlus_Support] Aquifer, thermal storage / heat exchange

My intention is to simulate a aquifer thermal storage / heat exchange system. With both a cold and a warm-source. I was hoping anybody could point me into the right direction? Or perhaps share an example idf?

I've been looking into the GroundHeatExchangers.
At first I thought the GroundHeatExchanger would be good approach. However since it uses a closed loop and a constant ground temperature, I'm not to sure about using this system...
The pond heat exchanger looks more promising to me. It would be great if I could switch off the above surface calculation part (e.g. evaporation and solar radiation) and use two ponds (one warm and one cold). However? it seems this isn't possible?

Any help / hint / advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Dolf Bakker


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