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[EnergyPlus_Support] TRAINING: DesignBuilder EnergyPlus Simulation Training London 8th - 15th October 2013

(Apologies for cross posting)

DesignBuilder are offering a 6-day modular simulation training course in London UK. This 6-day modular training course in Central London in October will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to get the most out of DesignBuilder including some of the newly introduced features. It is suitable for new and experienced users alike and is structured to give you plenty of worked examples so you can 'learn by doing'. You can choose to attend any of the 6 days according to your particular training requirements:

·         Day 1 - 8th October - Modeller. Learn the skills required to confidently set up building geometry using blocks, zone up and define and select constructions and glazing.

·         Day 2 - 9th October - Basic Simulation. Introduction to heating and cooling design, solar gains, shading, lighting, HVAC, data entry and basic simulation.

·         Day 3 - 10th October - Natural Ventilation, Daylighting & Renewables Learn how to model low environmental impact design solutions such as: natural ventilation, mixed mode, daylighting and onsite electricity generation through solar PV and wind turbines.

·         Day 4 - 11th October - CFD. A full day covering internal and external CFD including the DesignBuilder EnergyPlus CFD link.


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