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[EnergyPlus_Support] RE: windows certified with European technical standards

I think that to do this work Windows is better than DesignBuilder, because in DesignBuilder I don't see the possibility to calculate the SHGC according to the European standard EN 410.


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I have never used Window but I'm using DesignBuilder. If in DesignBuilder as "Definition method" for the glazing part I use "Material layers" DesginBuilder calculates the U-value according to the European standard EN 673 (what I got from the window manufacturer!). Could I adjust the properties of the window in DesignBuilder until the U-value and the SHGC correspond with the manufacturer's values and then export the model in EnergyPlus? Or is Window 6 much better?

I shall include the frames too. I got the U-values for the glazing part, for the frame, and for the whole window. I could adjust the U-values of the frame in order to have the correct U-value of the whole window, which is a weighted average.


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It's been some time since I played with these values...from what I remember the combination of SHGC and U-value was hard to get. When I got it to match and switched to the american standard conditions, my U-value of 1.1 went up to 1.4 and the SHGC stayed much the same. But I was investigating the assembly as a whole including frame.

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Thank you, Jean and Rahul. 

I see that as "environmental conditions" in the software Window 6 there are "NFRC 100-2010", "NFRC 100-2010 winter", and ""NFRC 100-2010 summer". Does EnergyPlus evaluate the properties in the "NFRC 100-2010" conditions?

I see that between the European standard and the American standard the differences can be particularly high for low U-values and large air gaps:



pictures from http://windows.lbl.gov/adv_Sys/hi_R_insert/GapWidths.html

Best Regards

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Yes. I propose using Window 6 or higher to model the glazing system and adjusting the values until they corrispond with yours using the EN 673 settings. Once you have a match, simply change the settings to the American settings to get the equivalent U-values and SHGC at these test conditions.

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I'm modeling a building according to ASHRAE 90.1-2007. It is a design building. 

I got U-values according to European technical standards 
ISO 12567-2:2005
EN 673:2011
I'm modeling the glazing surfaces with the object WindowMaterial:SimpleGlazingSystem
Do you know if I have to change the values before writing them in EnergyPlus, in order to consider different test conditions between European technical standards  and EnergyPlus?
With Regards


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