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Yes, you can do everything you need to in the detailed mode, though the
Wizard is faster for some things.  If you ever have to go back to the
Wizard, save the original .pd2 and .inp files in a separate folder.  That
way you can compare the file that was edited in detail mode with the file
that you stepped back into the Wizard with, and pull what you need into the
new file with a text editor.


As far as responses to the thread, yes, that's the way to do it.  Most
conversations re: modeling we'd all like to hear the answer, so reply all -
the response will go to the person you're responding to and to the list.. 




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Thank you so much for the haste response. I really do appreciate it. So once
I have built my building and entered all I can in the building creation
wizard, I can just work straight in the detailed interface only without
having to return to the wizard?


Also, is this the proper way to respond to the thread?




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It is not possible to save the changes you've made in detailed edit mode if
you want to return to the wizard, unless you go into the .inp file and copy
all of the information that you know you have changed.  Most everything you
do in the building creation wizard can be done in detailed edit mode so I
think your question should really be how do you do what you want done in the
wizard in detailed edit mode.


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I am a new user and I have a few questions. I am still not sure how this
message board/posting works and I hope I am doing this right. I have
developed my building in the DD Wizard and I have inputed as much
information as I can. I have created 6 air handlers that all have single
duct VAV boxes with hot water reheat. My question is: 

When I go to the Detailed Interface to edit the inputs for the boxes or the
air handlers, even just to rename the items, and then return to the Building
Creation Wizard it deletes all these changes I made (yes I do get the
message warning me). How do I make these inputs remain as I have edited them
in the Detailed Interface? I am aware that this may be a very simple,
amateur question, but I cant seem to find how to input the more detailed
information into the boxes and the air handlers than in the Detailed
Interface. And, if I need to go into the Building Creation wizard to make an
edit, I dont want to lose all the changes. I have gone through the tutorial,
but it does not go into great detail about this (atleast not that I have
found yet.). Please Help!!!


Thanks everyone!


70 N.E. LOOP 410 SUITE 1070


jschorsch at hmg-associates.com



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