[Equest-users] Blank simulation data

Daniel Wilkerson DWilkerson at DWYER.COM
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Hey Steve,

No, the *.sim file is 2440 pages long and contains data, so I'm not sure why the Simulation Results view has all the columns and rows blank...

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Is the *.sim file also blank?  Or is this just an issue within equest?  Sometimes equest has issues with long file names and/or non-regular characters such as periods, etc...  I've seen this when I have tried to export hourly reports before but never with the simulation output.

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Hey all,

For some reason, when I do "Perform Simulation", I get a Simulation Results View screen that has all blank entries.  I don't get any errors when the building is rendered (after I click "Finish" on the DD wizard), so I am wondering what could be causing this problem.  I had to place the floors (shells) on top of each other manually because the higher floors have smaller footprints and the building is at an angle other than North.  Could a tiny discrepancy with the placement of shells on top of one another have caused this error?  Thanks,


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