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Did you get any other responses to the side-by-side shells question?
Specifically, I experimented with a model I have with shells
side-by-side.  In one model, the exterior walls (that are there when you
first put the two shells next to each other) were replaced with interior
walls with Surface Type "Adiabatic".  Then I modified the model by
removing the interior walls altogether and found that it made
(practically) no difference - I got a 1 kWh change in annual energy use.
It looks like removing the wall removed a tiny bit of cooling load from
avoided solar gains.  In other words, it may be okay just to delete the
exterior walls without replacing them with an interior wall or walls.
This approach would not be appropriate, of course, if the adjacent
spaces are expected to be at considerably different temperatures.




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Hey all,


I am modeling a building that has multiple shells, some having pitched
roofs.  As illustrated in the screenshot below, eQUEST has placed the
pink gable ends on the right and left sides (of the screenshot), when in
actuality they are on the top and bottom (of the screenshot).  Does
anyone know how to change the orientation of pitched roofs?  Also, I
have placed shells side-by-side, but I need them to be connected without
walls in between-is there an easy way to connect side-by-side shells?



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