[Equest-users] Ext. Lighting Load area and Roof Construction

Steve Mignogna smignogna at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 08:54:00 PDT 2008


To change the roof manually, you will need to edit the polygon it
references.  I would recommend making a copy of the polygon and change the
dimensions in there.  Then re-reference your roof polygon to the newly
created one.

To add exterior lighting, I always input it in terms of kW and not W/ft2.
To do this, you need to input it as a "direct load" in your electric meter.
There is a box for "exterior direct loads" and you can input the kW and
assign an exterior lighting schedule there.  I would also assign the enduse
as "exterior usage."

Both of these are down outside of the wizard.  Good luck.

Steve Mignogna
Atelier Ten

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Daniel Wilkerson <DWilkerson at dwyer.com>wrote:

>  Hey all,
> On screen 23 of the DD wizard, the Exterior Lighting Load is to be entered
> in units of Watts per square foot, but what area is the square footage
> referencing—outdoor area or indoor area or…?  Also, I have a three story
> building where the two upper floors have a smaller footprint than the first
> and thus I have to create partial roofs; I am trying to do it in detailed
> edit mode per somebody's suggestion, but the "Height" and "Width" fields
> have a gray "n/a" in them and numbers can't be entered… am I going about
> creating roofs incorrectly?  Thanks,
>      -Dan
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