[Equest-users] More Chiller Questions

Vikram Sami VSami at lasarchitect.com
Mon Dec 8 09:18:43 PST 2008

Apologies for posting twice in a day.

I'm currently modeling a building (in eQUEST) and I have run into a
curious condition (counterintuitive). The designed system is a
centrifugal chiller with a cooling tower attachment. The designed KW/Ton
is 0.619, which in EER terms is about 19.3. 

However, when I model the same building, but swap out the chiller for a
less efficient (9EER) air cooled chiller, the cooling energy goes way
down (I am still meeting my loads).

The weather file is Atlanta.

So I have a few questions:

1.	Is 0.619 just not very efficient for a water cooled chiller?
2.	Does it make sense that the cooling tower adds a huge amount of
energy to the building?
3.	Is Atlanta's humid climate not a very good place for cooling
4.	Is this simply a case of operator error?

I'd appreciate any input here.

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