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The short answer would be no and no.  I'm not aware of any curve tools or
libraries and in my experience if you want to use a custom chiller curve
you'll have to build it yourself, with close work with the manufacturer.
To create custom chiller curves you need to have data for the capacity and
efficiency as a function of condenser water supply and chilled water
supply temperatures as well as the kW power draw as a function of part
load and LIFT conditions (Condenser Water Supply Temp - CHW Supply Temp).


This is all in regards to a variable-speed centrifugal water cooled
chiller, I'm not sure how different this would be for an air-cooled
chiller as I haven't tried to use custom data for one yet.


I've attached a PDF of a sample of the data I had to collect from the
manufacturer in order to create a set of custom chiller curves.
Essentially I had to specify the conditions that I wanted efficiency and
capacity numbers for and then the manufacturer was able to use his
selection program to determine the numbers for me.


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Is there a chiller curve tool/library out there for specific chillers in
eQUEST? Also - can you create a curve with just the kW/ton and the NPLV?
What are the inputs I need to create a custom chiller curve?

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