[Equest-users] Solartube (Tubular Daylighting System)

Mathew Higgins higgins at edi-arch.com
Fri Dec 12 10:10:37 PST 2008

Kosuke - I haven't seen that you've received a response, but I regularly 
simulate Solartube skylights without a hitch. A couple of things I keep 
in mind when doing so are...

- Making sure to convert the rounded area of the tube to a square dimension
- Ensuring that the tube depth (or light well) extends below a drop 
ceiling or equivalent attic

- Assigning the appropriate space with the daylight sensor(s)
- Making sure that the correct number of sensors and corresponding 
daylight area (ratio) per sensor is accounted for
- Additionally, ensuring that the appropriate foot-candle level, 
location, rotation, and control strategy are input for sensors


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Kosuke wrote:

> Does anybody have any experience using Solartube (Tubular Daylighting 
> System) in EQuest?  On Equest 3-61e, I was able to pick Tubular 
> Daylighting system, but software crashed all the time.  Now I got 
> Equest 3-63. It seems to be more stable than previous version.  Does 
> this tubular daylighting system actually dim artificial lighting 
> according to accommodate foot candle set point inside of room? Did 
> anybody experienced a problem with tubular daylighting system?
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