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Steven Savich ssavich at systemswestengineers.com
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Once you save and reopen the program, the window will be grouped with the
other windows belonging to the same parent wall in the spreadsheet view.


Also, the spreadsheet view will sort like an excel spreadsheet if you click
on the column heading in the header row.  You can cause a sort by object
name, object type, etc.




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Hey all,


In Detailed Edit mode in the Spreadsheet view, when I create a new child
component window, it puts it at the very bottom of the spreadsheet list-not
in the group of windows I created it with.  I want it in the group so that I
can easily copy and paste data when window layouts are the same.  Yesterday
I somehow managed to create windows that remained with the group in the
spreadsheet view, yet now every time I create a window, it puts it at the
very bottom of the list.  Does anyone know how to create a window that
remains with the group in the spreadsheet view?  Thanks,



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