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Mike Karpman mike.karpman at karpmanconsulting.net
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Yep that was exactly it. Thanks for your help!


For me, the error was caused because in the INP file my boilers referenced
the HIR-FPLR curve "&D". The reason I was confused is because the error was
pointing me to the section of the INP file for curves instead of boilers.


Thank You,


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When you open equest, you should be able to 'continue and remain in program'
or 'exit'. If you continue, you should be able to change your boiler link
and performance curve.


If not,


Try this. Make a backup of your INP file. Open the INP file using notepad or
some sort of text reader and search for "boilers". You should be under the
Boilers section between Chillers and Domestic Water Heaters. Delete the
lines with HIR-FPLR and HIR-FT (if they exist). This will restore default to
your performance curves for your boiler. Save and close and try it now.


If that doesn't work, search "performance curves" and delete the entire
curve that you think is giving you problems. Also make sure you delete
anything that is referencing that specific curve or you'll run into other
problems. Do this by searching the performance curve name and removing the
lines of code that references it. Note that all this is doing is removing
your custom curve and setting everything to default. You will have to
re-create your curve again. 


Unfortunately, I'm not given enough information on why the error is being
caused. Some possibilities are that the boiler referencing a curve could be
misspelt; object names should be no longer than 32 characters or they get
truncated resulting in the first possible error; "&D" is a predefined
default code for mandatory numeric values (not for string values, I think).



I hope this helps.




James Chong 

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I created the same error message a while back and was never able to fix it,
has anyone figured this out?



Mike Karpman


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I somehow created this error message and don't know how to get rid of it,
can anyone help?


Curve Fit

    unknown/invalid component name

        &D was referenced on line 5228 but never defined


There is no error managing window, and this error appeared after I modified
the Heat Input ratio performance curve for a Boiler.


Thank you,


Patrick Darby, BScE

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