[Equest-users] eQuest - enthalpy wheel

Marcus Eliason meliason at essexco.com
Tue Jun 3 07:20:39 PDT 2008


I am currently looking over a building model for LEED submittal in eQuest.
The final building design utilizes an enthalpy wheel.  When compared to the
baseline buildings, there is a large jump in the "Pumps & aux" energy
consumption with the addition of the enthalpy wheel.  When I remove the
wheel from the final design, the pump energy consumption drops to the
baseline numbers.  This leads me to believe the jump is occurring because of
the wheel.  In talking to the manufacturer, the wheel only has a small
horsepower motor.  Can anyone shed any light as to why I might be seeing
this large jump in consumption?

Marcus Eliason
Essex Engineering Corporation
meliason at essexco.com

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