[Equest-users] Does Equest Recognize Space Type by User Input Naming

Doebber, Ian Ian_Doebber at nrel.gov
Thu Jun 12 08:10:47 PDT 2008

Within the .inp file at the end of the SPACE description is
"C-ACTIVITY-DESC".  Is it wishful thinking that by entering in a certain
key word within the name of the space within the Detailed Interface,
that Equest will automatically apply internally defined loads and
schedules based on that space type.  Below is why I think this:


Equest appears to assign certain internal loads and other Space Type
dependent inputs by recognizing a certain key word in the User Input
Name.  For example:



   SHAPE            = POLYGON


   PEOPLE-SCHEDULE  = "EL4 Bldg Occup Sch"

   LIGHTING-SCHEDUL = ( "EL4 Bldg InsLt Sch" )

   PEOPLE-HG-LAT    = 875

   PEOPLE-HG-SENS   = 255

   LIGHTING-W/AREA  = ( 1.4 )   

   AREA/PERSON      =  200

   POLYGON          = "EL8 Space Polygon 1"

   LOCATION         = FLOOR-V1

   C-SUB-SRC-BTUH   = ( 0, 0, 0 )

   C-SUB-SRC-KW     = ( 0, 0, 0 )

   C-ACTIVITY-DESC  = *Exercising Center / Gym*



If this is true, please tell me where I can find the Preset Space Types
Keywords so that I name my Spaces correctly.




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