[Equest-users] Import CAD in detailed data edit

Kevin Kyte kkyte at robsonwoese.com
Mon Jun 9 10:22:58 PDT 2008

I generally only extract the polygons to a new word doc by means of cut and
paste.  Which means I still create all spaces/zones.  I suppose I should get
into custom libraries to speed up the process further. Do you feel the most
efficient way is to just deal with the glob? Or go cutty-pasty on it?

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I would highly recommend doing all geometry in the wizard.  If not you
will need to create each space/zone by hand which will be incredibly
tedious and unnecessary.  If you are worried about the clutter of
schedules, materials, etc... i would recommend deleting them in the
input text file.

Good luck.

Steve Mignogna
Atelier Ten

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 2:32 PM, Kevin Kyte <kkyte at robsonwoese.com> wrote:
> Starting a new project in detailed data edit.  The 2-D Geometry screen is
> nice and empty with a toolbar with shape mode, 2-D floor plan mode, zoom,
> pan, and open CAD drawing file.  Every time I try to open a CAD drawing
> nothing shows up on the screen.  I cannot figure out what I am doing
> Does it need to be a dxf or dwg file?  I am trying dwg and no good.
> out are create new floor, create new space, and create new shape.  Are
> buttons functional?
> I currently import CAD files through the wizards. This is wonderful, but
> changeover to DD also brings heaps of unwanted clutter, not just the
> floors and spaces.  Do CAD files need to be saved to a certain file type
> order to import them to DD 2-D Geometry?
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