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The only real constraints on your ground loop temperature are those imposed
by the HP mfgr.  For example, a Climate Master unit with the extended range
option can operate with source EWTs in the 20F-120F range.  Once you've
decided what you want to design your source side temperatures around, you
then have to iterate your other loop field design parameters until you find
a configuration that doesn't exceed your loop temperature limits.  Hope that


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Hello All,


I can't seem to get my space to cool using my GSHP even when I specify
sufficient cooling in terms of capacity and flow.  This is my first shot at
this type of system, so there are a lot of things that could possibly be
incorrect.  I imported coefficients from a ClimateMaster GSHP for operating
curves, but that still may be an issue.  What should the temperature inputs
be for the ground source heat exchanger loops, specifically the HW, CHW
design temperatures, and the minimum/maximum reset and alarm temperatures.
I'm trying to model a GSHP system with 45 degree ground source water in
heating and 55 degree ground source water in cooling.  I always end up with
a warning about going above the maximum alarm temperature, and the loop
shuts down.


Thanks in advance.


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