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Hi Steve,
  I checked the DOE2 dictionary and found  the calcuated U-Value of the exterior wall doesn't include the outside air film in the mode of detailed date edit. Based the U-Value of the exterial wall I got from the detailed output file, the U-Value of the outside air film is 0.4 But/h.ft2.F. I guess I should include it in the as part of the wall assembly in order to meet the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1.  However, in appredix A the U-Value of the outside air film is 0.17. Does eQUEST use different U-Value for the outside air film?
  For Wall Below Grade, the C-factor is 1.14 for the baseline model. I chose 8" HW concrete (cc05) from DOE2 library because there is no 8" mediate weight concrete with the density of 115 lbs/ft3 that has C-factor of 1.14 excluding the outside and inside air films or soil. 
  I really appreciate if you could give some feedback about the model setup. 
  Thanks a lot

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    I am new to eQUEST and now is modeling a office building. Afer I ran the simulation for the building peformance analysis. I got the error messages for each thermal zone in the detailed output files.



                 Zone: EL1 West Perim Zn (G.W1)         could not successfully

                 allocate all equipment energy to the 5-minute bins

                 because of an equipment overload.  The peak load

                 used in ECONOMICS will not include the fraction due

                 to the overload, but the PLANT reports will.

                 Mon/Day/Hour:  1  2  8  Energy:  22.9  Unallocated: 2.921


    In my model, actually I didn't define the equipment load. Only internal load is the lighting load.  Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the problem?


    Thanks a lot




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