[Equest-users] Equest minor issues

Billy Jennings bjennings at KMA-AE.com
Thu May 8 06:53:16 PDT 2008


I have two small issues with an equest model I built.  The first is I
get an error window whenever I open the project.  A window pops up
called "vtkOutputWindow" that has the error "ERROR: In
E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\common\vtkPolygon.cxx, line 1172

vtkPolygon (0x10EF6760): Possible triangulation failure"  I have looked
at line 1172 in the .sim file but found nothing wrong.

The second issue is with an attached CAD file.  I can seem to detach it.
Now the file won't load so the program is constantly asking me if I'd
like to find the file.  I just want the file gone, but can't figure out
a way to do that.


Thanks for your help,

Billy Jennings

Mechanical Designer

KMA Architecture & Engineering

(619) 275-7423



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