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Jeff Schorsch jschorsch at hmg-associates.com
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Thank you for responding. When I do a simulation it aborts the run, then I cant see the SS-F / SS-R reports.
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  Hi Jeff,

  How many hours of unmet load do you have for zones served by these units?  See reports SS-F and/or SS-R.  I often have these warnings even when all my zones are conditioning properly.  If that is the case, ignore the warnings and don't waste your time trying to fix them.  The nice thing about SS-F is that it will tell you how cold the zones are getting and the months unmet load hours occur.

  If you have a lot of unmet load hours, I would start checking to see if my zone thermostat schedules, heating availability schedule, and fan schedules match.  If the hours of unmet load occur during the summer, you have simultaneous heating and cooling.  Try setting the heating thermostat to 55 during the summer months to eliminate the call for heating.

  Good luck.

  Sheila Sagerer
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  This is still my first time creating my simulation and I thought I was on the right track...
  I have a 100% OA unit with a preheat coil and chilled water cooling coils to maintain a 52 deg off the coil. The zones are 
  handled by singe duct, straight VAV terminal units with hot water reheat coils. I have set all
  the zone set points to 72 degrees and I am getting a message that reads as shown below. I have 
  inputted the heating capacity for the preheat coil and the capacity for heating in the zonal VAV terminal unit.
  Just to see what would happen I grossly oversized the VAV heating capacity to see if the error would be fixed,
  it did not. I checked the LS-B space peak loads and it shows that the zone heating capacity required is only 25% of what I am inputting. Please help, I have no clue what I am doing wrong.

  ZONE TU1-6 

  might have insufficient heating capability.

  Check that the SYSTEM or ZONE HEATING-CAPACITY plus this

  ZONEs BASEBOARD-RATING is adequate to maintain the ZONE

  specified DESIGN-HEAT-T for the calculated peak ZONE load

  (see LS-A or LS-B for the ZONE peak load.)


  which supplies the above listed ZONE, has a design heating

  coil exit temperature, HEAT-SET-T,(plus any zone reheat)

  below its MAX-SUPPLY-T or the ZONE DESIGN-HEAT-T, which

  might account for the insufficient heating capability.


  70 N.E. LOOP 410 SUITE 1070

  jschorsch at hmg-associates.com

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