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Kevin Kyte kkyte at robsonwoese.com
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OK, allow me to answer my own question.  SolarWall has been used for LEED
before and ventilation units should not be sized down at all when used
together.  Auto-size should not be necessary, just subtracting energy model
to energy model.


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Yes, I have used RETScreen and understand a solar wall can be modeled within
it.  In fact, Conserval has already done this for us.  In considering
SolarWallR, all the air handlers have been sized down and when I enter in
the system inputs for capacity there isn't enough juice so I have to
incorporate solar air heating into this model.  Either that or autosize
everything to get 300 and subtract the retscreen model as an ECM.


So create a plenum for each air handler and then make all the plenum walls
Trombe-wall and just fiddle with it until it works, maybe.  I can spend a
minute on it and try.  Either way its modeling reality, right?  There should
be a lot more discussion on this.  Someone must have submitted an energy
model with solar air heating to USGBC using equest.





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You could also experiment with creating a space of type "plenum" with the
dimensions and properties of a solar wall.  If I were taking the
experimentation route, this is where I would start.


On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 4:04 PM, Eric Wilson <ejwilsn1 at uiuc.edu> wrote:


I've modeled a SolarWall, aka "Solar Air Heating" or transpired air
collectors using RETScreen <http://www.retscreen.net/> .  They have a Solar
Air Heating module that is included in the RETScreen 4 download.  If you
don't mind modeling the SolarWall separate from the rest of the building,
then that should work pretty well.

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