[Equest-users] Spam: eQUEST v3.62c-Beta problem

Seth P. Spangler sspangle at rmf.com
Fri May 30 04:21:52 PDT 2008

Here is a link to another bug fix. Not sure if your issue was addressed
as well.


This message is going out to anyone who may have been provided with
access to very recent versions of eQUEST (v3.62c-Beta, builds 6206-6235
dated 3/1/08 and later).  These versions of eQUEST contain a critical
bug in the defaulting of interior lighting profiles for wizard projects.


The following link is for an updated full release that contains a fix to
this bug.  If you already have version 3.62 installed on your machine,
you should first uninstall your existing v3.62c-Beta release.


<http://doe2.com/sac/eQ/eQUEST_v3-62c-Beta_Setup.exe>    (~54 MB)



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FYI... If most folks are like me, my guess would be that not that many
people have been experiencing your particular issue.  The reason being
that we didn't know that a eQuest 3.62c-beta version exists.  The
doe2.com site doesn't mention it and it is not available in the
downloads area.  I would like to know more about this new version,
however, to see what new features are available in eQuest.  Can anybody
share some info on this new version.









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eQUEST v3.62c-Beta with system type DX cooling and electric resistance
heat using Parallel Fan Powered boxes.


An EER change in the wizard mode evokes no change in the energy cost and
energy use. The energy cost and energy use stay the same as the wizard
defaulted EER.

Has anyone experienced this?


Dennis Hunt

Summit Building Engineering

dhunt at summitbe.com

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