[Equest-users] [Bldg-sim] eQUEST condenser heat rejection export

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Go to the project & site tab in detailed data edit mode.

Right click on the project name at the top of the component tree on the left
hand side of the screen

Choose "create hourly report block"

You will be presented with a name selection box.  Once you enter a name and
choose whether to:

create from scratch

copy from existing

link to existing

You will be given another selection box for variable type and list.  Choose
your chiller from the variable type (which is a list of all equipment,
spaces, wallls, and zones in the project).

You can then choose from the variables that you want to assign to the hourly
report block for your chiller condenser.

Once these selections are made you move to an hourly results selection
dialogue box.  You'll need to create an hourly report and assign the report
block to it.  You can also create other report blocks, if needed.  The
default schedule would be the hourly report schedule (all 8760 hours of the
year) although you can select another schedule that targets a portion of the
year - particularly if you want to cut down on file size and are only
interested in a portion of the year.  A good example of that would be a
chiller that's only enabled in the summer.


After you run the simulation with the newly created report, you will need to
save the file and then select "Export Hourly Results" from the file pulldown
menu.  The program will export a .csv file.


For meaningful output, you may need several report blocks for things like
circulation loop flow or outside air temperature to compare against the
condenser data.


Hope this was helpful.




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Does anyone know how to export the hour by hour heat rejection data from a
condenser into a spreadsheet or some other form that can be used in another


Brian Davis

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