[Equest-users] PSZ w/ furnace heating loads

Cyrus Grimes cgrimes at dynamix-ltd.com
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I'll try again

OK. Here they are. The loads are too high as far as I can tell. I have multiple zones slaved to one control zone. The slave zones do not report any control problems, although there may be some.  My proposed design is going to be a VRV system. I've distributed the zones similarly to how they be covered by the primary heat pumps for the VRV's. I think that this as compliant as I can be to app. G.

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You should attach your .inp to the email. Maybe someone will be able to help.  I agree that your heating design capacity seems high.  When you say that your heating and cooling loads are not under control do you mean that they are too high or that they are not meeting the loads?

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On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 2:53 PM, Cyrus Grimes <cgrimes at dynamix-ltd.com<mailto:cgrimes at dynamix-ltd.com>> wrote:

I'm trying to create my baseline model for a school on Gallipolis OH. I have the school broken into 5 zones and am using  PSZ units.  The space loads seem to be modeling fine, I'm just having a problem getting  the heating and cooling loads under control.  Using the 90.1 prescribed supply-air-to-room temperature difference of 20° and a dead band of 5°, I end up with a heating design capacity of 80 btu/hr/sqft.

Steve Mignogna
Atelier Ten
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