[Equest-users] Greenhouse Energy use..

Aulbach, John jaulbach at nexant.com
Wed Oct 8 15:04:36 PDT 2008

Not your usual building model..

Has anyone ever attempted this? There is a device called a heat
retention curtain that can lower gas bills for greenhouses. There
actually is a US Department of Agriculture simulation called Virtual

This program is primarily for simulating plant growth, but as a
sidelight, calculates monthly and annual energy use to heat the
facility. It uses TMY2 data, and considered:

1) Transmission losses
2) Solar heat loads
3) Infiltration and wind effects

So it almost seems like an eQuest type hourly simulation.

Except that they report energy in a strange way (got the plant growth in
great detail, but not the energy use).

So I go back to the tried and true eQuest. But I have no data to
calibrate the results again.

So I turn to my well versed and battle tested colleagues.

Have YOU every done this type of model?

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