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Seats are still available for this training.  I have attended previous seminars and found it very helpful.  I wish that I had had the Introduction to eQUEST seminar when I was a new user, but it was still very informative and I learned faster ways to get work done.  The Detailed Interface seminars were extremely helpful.  Marlin Addison provides documents and examples that are not available anywhere else.

  Whole Building Analysis using eQUEST

Marlin S. Addison, Principal, M.S. Addison & Associates, Tempe, Arizona, and Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Design, Arizona State University.  Mr. Addison is a nationally recognized expert in building energy analysis and eQuest

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, April 15th, 2009
Ross Auditorium, Alumni Hall, Franklin University, 301 E. Rich Street, Columbus, OH 43215
(Free parking next to Alumni Hall)

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, April 16 - 17th, 2009
Room 220, Second Floor, Phillips Hall, Franklin University, 303 S. Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(Free parking next to Phillips Hall)

eQUEST Training Topics Covered in Workshop:

April 15th - Schematic Design using eQUEST ― an Introduction to eQUEST
Overview of eQUEST's Capabilities
Using the Schematic Design Wizard
Using the Energy Efficiency Measures Wizard
Graphical/Parametric Reports
Using the Design Development Wizard
Using DWG files with eQUEST
Intro to LEED Analysis using eQUEST
Intro to Parameters, Expressions, and Parametric Runs
Intro to DOE-2.2 (SIM file) Reports

April 16th - Detailed Design using eQUEST ― Essentials of eQUEST's Detailed Interface
Wizard versus Detailed Interface, Strategies and Issues
Detailed Interface Basics: create, copy, rename, delete components, user defaults & linked components
Detailed Interface Essentials: Opaque Constructions, Schedules (including priorities among HVAC
related schedules), Glass Types, Geometry, Shading, Parameters, Expressions, Parametric Processing
Additional LEED Analysis issues using eQUEST
DOE-2 simulation methodology basics
Utility Tariffs, Meters
Life-Cycle Costing in eQUEST
Quality Control Procedures and eQUEST/DOE-2.2 Results Reporting, Hourly Reports

April 17th - Detailed Design using eQUEST ― Modeling Air-side and Water-Side HVAC
HVAC Sizing Issues (air-side and water-side, design days)
OA and Exhaust, Demand Control Ventilation
Ground Source Heat Pumps
Heat Recovery
Approximations to :
Displacement Ventilation
Dedicated OA Systems
Chilled Beams
Variable Flow Refrigerant Systems
Plant Equipment Control and Load Management
Equipment Performance Curves
Additional LEED Analysis issues using eQUEST

REGISTRATION: Fee of $109 per day with attendee responsible for own Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP laptop. Pre-registration required. Extension cords are highly recommended to connect to wall power outlets. Register at: www.cgbf.org<http://www.cgbf.org/>

Daniel O'Carroll, EI
Mechanical Engineer
Burgess & Niple, Inc.
5085 Reed Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
Office: 614-459-2050
Direct: 614-459-7272 x1405
Email: docarroll at burnip.com<mailto:docarroll at burnip.com>

B&N #:

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