[Equest-users] Making global/universal changes

Patrick Lynch LynchP at erdmananthony.com
Tue Apr 7 08:44:51 PDT 2009

Hello all,


I've been working in eQuest for about a month now and I just cannot
figure out an easy way to make global changes in this program. The
easiest way I have figured out how to make changes for the whole system
is to go into the spreadsheet tab and change all the numbers one by one.
For instance, if I want to change my Flow/Area on my VAVs I currently go
into the spreadsheet and change each number, or set it back to the
default, which is equally as annoying, because I just copy/paste.   It
looks like it should work like excel, but it doesn't. I figure there has
to be an easier way to change these numbers(besides going back into the
wizard mode). Is there a way to enter all of my numbers at once, or at
least a better technique than I am currently using?  I know many of you
have been using this program for quite a while so any advice would be




Patrick J. Lynch

Facilities Engineering

Erdman Anthony 

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