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Matutinovic, Luka LMatutinovic at halsall.com
Wed Apr 8 13:21:57 PDT 2009

I have a question regarding eQuest space type inputs.  I typically
create zones in the Wizard by tracing imported CAD drawings and zoning
according to perimeter/core, same HVAC system, similar loads or space
types.  However, when I get to the Activity Area Allocation screen
(screen 13 in the envelope wizard), I have to assign a percentage of
each space type to ALL the zones.  Once in the detailed mode, if I check
a particular zone, it says for example Office (67%).  Can I change this?
Is there a way to assign each zone only one space type and over-ride
this average area blending business.  It seems like a bad way to
correctly account for different space uses.  I guess the more important
question is: does it really matter?  I know eQuest allows you to assign
space types either to perimeter or core or both, so there was a
conscious decision to allocate space types based on perimeter and core
and I understand the rationale since internal and external loads are
quite different.  But why stop there? Why not allow full flexibility to
assign each zone a unique space type? 


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