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Usually we've found that following Appendix G requires a separate model
to be setup for the baseline.  This is not as much work as it sounds,
though, as you are able to copy your design model and make the changes
John describes below.  Also, where Appendix G requires you to model the
building at 4 rotations, you are able to do this parametrically so you
don't need a separate model for each rotation.


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You need to put all the Appendix G requires into the model by hand.
Incluidng window, wall, and roof U-values (Simplified)


John Aulbach, PE

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	Hi Everyone,


	I am new to this forum.  I work for a general contractor and we
have formed a Green Steering committee to help set up basic guidelines
company wide for LEED or "green" projects.  My group's focus is LEED
EAc1.  We have been working with Equest and I have this question:


	How do you incorporate ASHRAE 90.1 requirements into Equest?


	This subject may have been discussed before, but I searched the
archives and could not find anything.  Any help would be greatly




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