[Equest-users] Mechanical Cooling to complement Evaporative Cooling

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Dear Users,

I would like to get a confirmation on the following procedure in simulating a situation of Mechanical Cooling to complement evaporative cooling. 


I have also tried the PRECONDITIONING option in the Air-Side tab (as suggested by one of the  kind users), but I find that it is just to precondition the outside air for mechanical cooling.  But the proposed case that I am looking for is Mechanical Cooling just to complement Evaporative Cooling.

1. Evaporative Cooling is used in a proposed design and eQUEST simulations indicate high unmet cooling hours (8760  multiplied by % outside throttling range 9.8%)
2. Reviewer recommends to use mechanical cooling for this proposed case for the periods that evaporative cooling can not meet unmet cooling hours and  thus receive credits
3. The simulation strategy for this using eQUEST has been as follows:
a. simulate proposed case using evap cooling and estimate energy cost
b. simulate proposed case using mechanical cooling same as the base case equipment type but capacities without being oversized by 1.15 to get same unmet hours as above (a) and estimate energy cost
c.  simulate proposed case using mechanical cooling cooling same as the base case type to get acceptable unmet cooling hours and estimate energy cost
d. Use difference of costs as the cost of running mechanical cooling to meet unmet cooling hours requirement that are not met by evaporative cooling in the proposed case.
Is this an acceptable strategy of simulation? If not how can eQUEST handle this simulation.
Any comments will be greatly appreciated

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