[Equest-users] FW: Building Database Error

Dan Russell danr at engineeringinc.com
Thu Dec 10 10:46:25 PST 2009

Thanks to Brian for this simple tip.  Sometimes the most obvious options are easiest to be missed.  INP file was still intact and project file has been restored.  Yahoo!


From: Brian Gregory [mailto:bgregory at dynamix-ltd.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 6:09 AM
To: Dan Russell
Subject: RE: Building Database Error


Have you checked your .inp file? If it still looks good you can likely recover your project by going to file->open then change "Files of type" to inp files then browse for your inp file.

If you're original .inp file is no good but you have created parametric runs you still have a chance at recovery.
If you have created parametric runs for your project then you should have an .inp file that says "Project Name" - Baseline Design.inp in your project directory.
Open that file and your project should be recovered.

Good Luck,

Brian Gregory
Mechanical Engineer

Dynamix Engineering, Ltd.
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Columbus, OH  43215
614-443-1178 ext 278

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Anybody know how to fix this error?

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CA796D.8C6759A0]

Sequence of events...

Laptop was running eQUEST and had file open and was operational.
I left the laptop unattended for a while and upon return it asked to perform some Microsoft updates.
I said 'OK' and eQUEST closed.
Computer restarted and performed updates (I'm assuming as I wasn't babysitting it through this process).
Upon return to the 'updated' computer I tried to open the project file again and this error is what I see.
After clicking 'OK' I find several similar error messages each pertaining to one of my several building shells.
When the final message is clicked 'OK' eQUEST sits there as if it has a file open but there is no data.

I am running version 3.63b.

Thanks for any advice,

Dan Russell
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