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Happy Holidays!


I had been playing with equest for the last two weeks and seems like I
am getting somewhere.  I started fresh with the building input using the
3.63 version and had been saving milestones as I go along.  


The project is an elementary school and we are using ground source HP to
produce chilled water and hot water. One system to serve the chilled
beams and one system to serve the air handlers, DOAS and FCUs. The
reason behind this split is, chilled beam requires high chilled water
temp. Anyway, I am attaching the hp schematic and the waterside loop
summary-which is close to the design values. 


I am using the IU for the chilled beam and I am getting the O/A from the
dummy zone that I set up. Right now, I am not liking output summary of
the DOAS.- please see attached. On the initial run that  I had equest
run the simulation  using the O/A from the induction unit, the cooling
capacity is way too high but the O/A CFM and design CFM is what the area
calls for.  The second has less capacity but ventilation is good but the
Design flow CFM is too much.  The tonnage of the unit is still higher
that the design, looks like the ERV savings were not accounted for.  The
lesser capacity tonnage was derived from the manually inputed Maximum
cooling rate of the unit on the dummy zone level. 


Until now I haven't found a solution to resolve this, Is there a
guideline on howto setup the dummy zone for DOAS system?









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