[Equest-users] Reconciling Building Energy Performance with Space Load Components

Young, Michael R. (IHS/DES) Michael.Young at ihs.gov
Wed Dec 30 11:08:22 PST 2009


I am relatively new to eQuest, and trying to analyze the output from one
of my models.  I am having trouble reconciling two of the reports: BEPS
(Building Energy Performance) with LS-E (Space Monthly Load Components).

My model only has 3 spaces, and the total annual heating load for the
three spaces is: 62.240 + 34.887 + 66.305 = 163.432 MBTU.

However, the BEPS report shows a total heating fuel use for Natural Gas
of 113.0 MBTU.

The fuel number should actually be larger than the sum of the heating
load, since there is some loss of energy in the conversion of the fuel
to heat.  In this case, there is actually a smaller amount of BTUs in
the fuel for the overall building.

If someone understands how this works, please let me know.


Michael R. Young, P.E.
Consultant Engineer
Indian Health Service
Division of Engineering Services - Seattle

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