[Equest-users] How does eQuest know initial Footcandles for Daylighting Calc?

R B slv3sat at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 14:44:11 PST 2009

My guess is that the tool assumes the lighting wattage that you have
gives the amount of footcandles specified. If 50% of this is from
daylight, then remaining is from 50% of the installed lighting
(translating into 50% wattage usage).

On 12/28/09, John Aulbach <jra_sac at yahoo.com> wrote:
> LIke the Phantom of the Opera.."A mystery never fully explained.."
> I have performed Daylighting savings EEMs in eQuest, where one places a
> sensor in the space, one deliniates a minimum footcandle requirement, and
> runs a Parametric run to determine how much lighting energy may be saved.
> What is NOT clear to me is how eQuest determines what the inital footcandle
> level is. It obviously knows the lighting fixture height (Ceilling or
> syspended) and the geometry of existing windows, etc. But I cannot find
> where the information lies that says "eQuest assumes so many lumens/watt of
> certain lighting."
> Can anyone "ILLUMINATE" me, please?
> Hope all had a great Christmas.
> John Aulbach

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