[Equest-users] backup heat for heat pump

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Is this a LEED building? If so then several of your answers will be
determined by LEED/ 90.1 App G. All of my answers are based upon a LEED

1,2: "Required Treatment of District Thermal Energy in LEED-NC version
2.2 and LEED for Schools" will provide answers though it does require
more work.
3: No - there is not a one click solution. You must input the specific
90.1 values for your region/model.
4: Table G3.2 in ASHRAE 90.1 allows a 10%-15% reduction in LPD for
spaces that have lighting controls.
5: I enter this as a direct load on the electrical meter. The archives
have more information on how to do this.
6: This must be done in detailed edit mode under the tab labeled outside
7: Once you have switched to detailed edit mode you cannot go back to
wizard mode without losing the changes you made in detailed edit.
8: You've found the best "hotline available".

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Dear  equesters
This is my second trial in equest,I am using the detailed  design
wizard to make the energy simulation
of a high rise building.
The main cooling source for the building is a central chilled water
plant feeding also other buildings in the same area.
I almost finished data entering for the building but I am facing few
problems and I hope you can help me solve them the soonest possible
1-how to simulate the central chilled water plant?
2-does equest have any library for ASHRAE 90.1 values to make a
baseline than compare it to the results?
3-how can I simulate the lighting controls,such as lighting fixtures
controlled by motion sensors?
4-how to  enter the elevators and escalators loads?
5-how to model the solar loads gain in the reduction of domestic hot
water calculations?
6-how to impose type of heat recovery to the airhandling unit?such as
total enthalpy fly wheel ?
7-why all edits made in the detailed interface mode are not saved in
the DD wizard?what shall I do to keep these changes?
8-can you provide me with a hot line(if existing)for  any urgent
question I may encounter regarding equest items?

Haissam al Mahmoud
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