[Equest-users] Zero-byte .INP file

John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
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Are you sure that you are looking at the correct.INP file? Two files are generated for .INP. One is always Zero bytes and I have no idea why. Look at your files again to see if another file exists.

John Aulbach

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Subject: [Equest-users] Zero-byte .INP file

I’ve been building an energy model in eQuest 3.63 and noticed that my .INP file is empty and has a file size of zero bytes. I open my model via the .PD2 file and all of the input data is there. I started the model through the Design Development Wizard but have since made several modifications in Detail Input mode so I don’t want to go backward. I need to get an input file record to include in my analysis documentation. Has anyone had this problem and can you help me? Also, once I have entered a specified heating and cooling capacity for equipment, is there a way I can go back to having the program auto-size the equipment? Entering zero in the capacity box doesn’t give me access to sizing ratios and generally bounces the input back to what I had before. Thanks in advance for any feedback
Rick Routh

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