[Equest-users] IPLV in Heat Pumps

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eQuest automatically calculates part load performance based on the rated condition (COP in your case) and the performance curves that modify the power consumption based on temperature and part-load (and other factors for other equipment...water temperatures, etc.).

If you input IPLV where eQuest is expecting a COP, you'll be underestimating the power consumption from the units.  These inputs will often be in the form of "Energy Input Ratio", or EIR for many types of eQuest equipment which is the inverse of COP.

If you need to verify the part-load performance that will be calculated, you can use hourly reports to verify that using the COP and default performance curves gives a reasonable result.

As others mentioned, the IPLV references a specific set of weather and load, applied to the piece of equipment.  The average annual efficiency will vary based on your actual weather and load on the unit.


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Hello everyone,

I was working on a school model located in Lakeside,  San Diego county. The school has Bard wall mount heat pumps (capacity - 2 to 4 tons), really old one. I got manufacture data of the old and new units for replacement. The new units data has EER, IPLV and COP ratings. I  would prefer to use IPLV instead of EER rating in case of cooling  to calculate savings.  The eQuest does have options for EER and SEER but not for IPLV in the schematic design wizard.  What should I do here?

Does it make sense to use IPLV instead of EER to calculate savings for the Lakeside?


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