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You are hitting me in my first cup of morning cofee. But here goes.

For an outside air and a fan coil separate load, try an Induction System. I used to use that when I had Hotel corridor makeup air, then a room load from fan coils. It should allow you to define two sets of coils and two airflows, a primary and an induced secondary airflow.

Sorry i don't have time to set it up.

John Aulbach

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Deal All, 

I am modelling a Hospital in eQuest. The design consists of Fan Coil Units for all rooms and AHU's for all common areas. Fan coil Units are having zero percent fresh air intake. hence to cater fresh air requirements, a duct is supplied to all the rooms where there are FCU's. 
For more clear understanding of the system I am attaching a small part of the building indicating the location of AHU and FCU's and direction indicating the flow of air from AHU's.
I would like to know how to model such a system in eQuest since in eQuest, as per my knowledge, we can only have a single air handler for each zone.
All AHU's and FCU's are served by two 350 TR screw chillers.

Thanks & Regards,

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