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Fred Porter FPorter at archenergy.com
Tue Jan 6 10:58:47 PST 2009

Cleaning out my inbox and realized I had raised some issues that I promised to correct. I had previously written:

FYI, in contrast to TMY2 *.bin files, at least some of these do not seem to contain altitude information, so one cannot rely on the program to default to the site altitude for the airflow multipliers. 

TMYx*.bin never contained specific station altitude information, though the pressure/air density reflect actual conditions at that altitude. 
In eQuest, even if one sets "altitude" to "restore default" and zero is displayed in the "Site Data" tab, the station altitude is inserted into the .bdl from some lookup based on the station or location that is stored in the .pd2.
In text mode, if the ALTITUDE is left out of the .bdl input, it defaults to zero, and zero is used no matter where the weather station is. (Note altering the ALTITUDE does not change the air densities used each hour, it does effect airflow sizing calculations.) 
If eQuest does not have the site information (which happens when a weather station is "user-selected") the altitude must be inserted in the detailed mode. 
Fred Porter
Architectural Energy Corp.
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