[Equest-users] Troubles with VAV Reheat

Matutinovic, Luka LMatutinovic at halsall.com
Wed Jan 7 11:25:51 PST 2009

Hello All,
I'm having a lot of difficulty simulating a very common VAV w/reheat
system.  My total energy intensity is way too high for this building
type and the problem I think is due to a lot of reheat that's going on.

I've tried a few things but they have not helped.  Fop example, if I
specify a heating availability schedule that is the same as my set-point
heating schedule my energy use goes down, but I end up having close to
20% unmet heating hours.  If I leave it unchanged, the unmet heating
hours go away but my heating profile looks terrible, with a lot of
reheat in the summer.  Whether I create reheat coils in the zone, or
baseboards, it seems to have very little effect.  I think there's a
fundamental problem with how the zones are controlled but I don't have
enough experience to trouble-shoot the problem.
I've attached the pd2 and inp files for anyone willing to give it a try.
I'm very frustrated at this point, because this is probably the most
basic system I can think of and very common here. I have never been able
to get these VAV w/reheat systems to work well, as there is always
either unmet hours or a lot of reheat.
Thanks in advance.

Luka Matutinovic, B.A.Sc., LEED(r) AP

Green Building Consultant
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