[Equest-users] CO2 sensors and outside air reduction. LEED for schools & ASHRAE 90.1-2004

James Geers jgeers at sfa-architects.com
Wed Jan 14 09:01:19 PST 2009

Previous posts have confirmed my suspicions that increasing the R-value of
walls and roofs has little to no effect on energy performance, due to the
outside air requirements.  


This raises a few questions:


1.   What is the most effective way to use CO2 sensors to dramatically
reduce the outside air requirements?


2.	Is it permissible to vary the CFM between the base case and design
case in the ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Appendix G model, and consequently in the LEED


3.	What is the most effective way to use CO2 monitoring in a building
with 40 classrooms and other large spaces.  If one sensor is triggered,
won't the entire zone get fresh air and defeat the energy savings?


4.	If every classroom has a sensor, does any one have experience with
the replaceable / Mail in sensors to assure their accuracy.


5.	If I model this in Equest, do I need a zone for every classroom.


Thank you for any feed back.


James F. Geers

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LEED Accredited Professional


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