[Equest-users] PTHP vs. PTAC

Robby Oylear robbyo at rushingco.com
Tue Jan 27 11:14:36 PST 2009

I'm attempting to model the difference between using PTHP's vs. PTAC's in
a hotel in Seattle, WA.  The only difference between the two models is
heat-source = ELECTRIC for the PTAC model and heat-source = HEAT-PUMP for
the PTHP model, as well as a COP of 3.2 for the PTHP's. 


After running the models, I find that the PTHP's use more heating energy
than the PTAC's.  This doesn't seem to make sense.  Even in the worst case
scenario in which the PTHP's use their supplemental heat 100% of the time
it seems the savings should at worst be 0%.  


Anyone have any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong?


Robby Oylear, LEEDR AP

Mechanical Engineer

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cell: 206.354.2721

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