[Equest-users] DOAS with ERV?

Eric O'Neill elo at MichaelsEngineering.com
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So I set up a DOAS system as a PSZ, set a dummy, and set the terminal
heat pumps to pull OA from system (which I believe means it is pulling
OA from my adiabatic dummy zone). That's fine and seems to work for the
most part. 


However, now I want to add an ERV. The issue with this is the only
viable option I can find is to select individual ERV's on each system
rather than one prior to the heating/cooling coils. There does not seem
to be any way to specify a location of the exhausted air from the zones
to feed through a single DOAS exhaust. Normally, I would just accept the
fact that a more refined system would yield results that are slightly
off but are close enough. However, with these heat pumps, it's a
different story. The air entering each heat pump (which I've got modeled
as a PVVT...no idea if that's the best way - the DOE2 manual says that
systems=HP, PVVT, PSZ, or PVAVS can be used...comments?) needs to be
conditioned to at least 60F during the heating season for the units to
provide adequate conditioning. When I put on the individual system
ERV's, I get goofy results.


Has anyone had any success setting up a system like the one I've
attached (sorry about the quickie diagram, but it should serve my
point)? I can't wait until DOAS systems don't need to do this
round-about crap in eQuest...I believe it's one of the upcoming


Thanks all!

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